4D Scheduling

4D Schduling is a technigue that adds time dimension into projects. It can be used to:

  • Simulate city development
  • Visualize what will be constructed to where (3d) and when (4d)
  • Simulate project construction phases
  • Plan construction site plans to optimize space usage over time and avoid spatio - temporal conflicts
  • Virtual design and construction

4D schedule for data sources and objects is defined in Data settings tool

4D active time and timeline can be adjusted using the 4D button in bottom middle toolbar

  • Set active time with date and time selection
  • Change and slide timeslider to rapidly simulate project changes over time
  • Play animation along timeline
  • Select timeline scale from Year, Month, Week, Day and Hour

Data tree 4D icon in each data source can be used to disable 4D scheduling temporarily for selected objects