Add data

Add data tool is used to add data into project. xD Twin supports several different data formats:

  • 3D Model files in OBJ, DAE, FBX, glTF, GLB, KML, KMZ formats
  • Point clouds in LAS, LAZ formats
  • InfraBIM models in XML (LandXML, Inframodel) formats
  • BIM models in IFC format
  • GIS Raster imagery like maps and ortophotos in GeoTIFF format
  • GIS vector data in GeoJSON format
  • GIS raster maps from WMS interface
  • GIS vector feature data from WFS interface
  • 3DTiles streamed photogrammetry models or point clouds from JSON links
  • CityGML / CityJSON city model databases from 3DCityDB JSON links
  • Cesium ION asserts from Cesium ION service
  • Project links to create dynamic links to data in other projects
  • Document files
  • Image files and 360 photos
  • HTTP links to external web sources

If data contains coordinate and placement information, XD places data automatically into correct place. If data is for example in local coordinates, XD imports data into middle to current view and user can adjust placement in Data settings with accurate coordinates. 

Users can also add data simply just by drag and drop files int 3D view. This import method allows also dropping multiple files same time, when XD starts processing all files same time parallel. This is useful when many files need to be imported into a project. 

Drag and drop method is also used to add documents, images and HTTP links into 3D view. Drop location defined the placement of the link.