Default navigation is optimized for built environment navigation so that moving from places to another, or follow road getomery, or fly over area plan is easy:


  • Left mouse button is used to Pan along the XY plane at current elevation
    • Just click and drag the project models same way as in typical map applications
  • Middle mouse button / roll is used to Zoom in or out towards mouse cursor's location. 
    • Just point location you want to zoom on and use roll or move mouse with middle button pressed
    • Zoom speed adjusts automatically based on distance from target so that zooming slows down the closer you are the target objects. 
  • Right mouse button is used to Orbit around mouse cursor's location
    • Just point object you want orbit around and move mouse with right button pressed down

Mobile devices

  • Single touch, like finger, is used to Pan along the XY plane, same as mouse left button
  • Double touch pinch, like two fingers, is used to Zoom in / out, same as mouse middle button
  • Double touch rotate, like two fingers, is used to Orbit arond middle of double touch location, same as mouse right button