Project list

Project list shows all projects user has access to. Users can:

  • Create new projects (if user has rights and a license)
  • Open projects by clicking project image
  • Edit project settings with Project settings button
  • Make a copy of the prpject with Duplicate project button
  • Delete project with Delete button

Project list is divided into three sections:

  • My projects has projects that user has created
  • Invited projects has a list of projecs where user is invited to join
    • There will be an Accept button when user has just invited and user can accept the invitation
  • Template projects are project templates that can be used to create new projects

Create a new project

Create new project button opens a new dialog where user can define basic settings for new projects:

  • Title defines a name for the project
  • Organization defines under which organization project is created to. 
    • Organizations have licenses, so organization defines from which license the project uses the license quota. 
    • Typically users belong ot only one organization, but it is possible users to belong ot multiple organizations. 
    • Organization also defines what project templates are available to make a new project as organizations can have their own templates. 
  • Project template is a list of predefined project templates, which contain 
    • Settings like coordinate and elevation system
    • Pre-imported datasets, for example city models and GIS layers
    • Templates are a good way to make starting certain type projects faster when users don't need to import all data manually. 
    • When template is selected, template already contains coordinate and elevation system so they are not available
  • Coordinate and elevation system defined the project's coordinate system which is used for example to model placement and measurements
    • Start writing coordinate system name or EPSG code and select the correct choise from the list
  • Description is an optional generic description to describe what projects is about. 
  • Create new project button will create and open the project