Project settings


Project image is a thumbnail image that is displayed on the priject list page. That is automatically generated from the first saved viewpoints unless user want to have a custom image. By clicking the image managers can change the image to their own custom image.

Startup image is used to replace the default quick help image that is shown when users open projects. This allows projects to put their own logos and other instructions into the startup image. 

Basic settings

Users can change:

  • Project name
  • Coordinate system
  • Elevation system
  • Description

Note: If projec already contains data that have been placed using coordinate and elevation system settings, these settings cannot be changed any more. You need to delete those datasets before you can chnage these settings.

  • Project rotation is used to adjust project't rotation in case default rotation is not good. Normally users don't need to change this.
  • Storage usage shows how much storage quota project is using. Project contents like imported data and used functionality like Sketch, Viewpoints, Topics, Feedback all use storage quota.
  • Public switch ON means project can be opened in Public role to view it without login
    • This is used to publish models on-line for public to view and give feedback
    • Tools that are available for public viewers can be customized with Roles editor
  • Template switch ON turns this project into an organization level template. Template projects can be used to make it more quick to create new proejcts for certain purposes. See Projects for more information. 
  • Default startup mode defines in which mode project starts for new users.

Advanced tools

  • Attributes editor is used to define custom attributes that can be attached to data sources and model objects in addition to data source own attributes
  • Users editor is used to invite other users into projec, manage user roles, and user groups
  • Library editor is used to manage 3D object library in project level
  • Roles editor is used to define which user interface tool are available for different user roles
  • Feedback editor is used to define feedback questionnaire forms to collect project feedback when project models are published on-line for public viewing
  • Wofkflowseditor is used to define Topics workflows for approval and quality checking processes
  • Template tool is used to create project templates from current project without turning current project directly into a template with the template switch